Saku vs. Silva + Shrink Ray

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One of the possible reasons Silva was so dominant over Saku is because of his weight- being a massive light-heavy/small heavyweight.

Saku could probably go up in weight to the 190's, but his frame is more built for being a middleweight, while Silva is a natural lightheavy at least.

how do you feel Saku vs. Silva would go if Silva dropped weight to Saku's weight and Saku bulked to his max/ Silva was shrunk to Saku's size by a shrink ray/etc?

would it go to Saku or Silva?

Sakuraba has a bad habit of keeping his hands down while backing up in a straight line. Silva is very hard to take down nowadays and his jui jitsu is blackbelt level. I think Sak would have trouble regardless of weight, just as people in Silva's weight class have trouble.


Silva beats Saku by speed. saku is smaller , but the advantage of the smaller man is his speed. Saku is slower than silva . Saku will never beat silva.

No Saku is/was fast as evidenced in his fights with Vovchanchin and 2nd Silva.  He does not have the mass and strength to counter Silva's ferociousness.  I do think now in retrospect that it was Saku having slowed down more than Silva having the awesome speed.  Saku being slower and Silva's ferocious onslaught are what leads to his last loss IMO.  Sure Saku "bulked up" but it doesn't look like it was a lot of muscle alah Silva's bulking up. 

Saku's best chance was during his 2nd fight. It's too bad his collar bone blew out. Maybe if he had won that fight, he wouldn't have taken the down-turn slump he's taking now.