Sakuraba being considered...

...for the HW Grand Prix? Which is now essentially an open weight tournament, according to Fightsport.

Come on. I'm not one of those saying Sak "needs" to retire or "needs" to fight guys his own weight, but ANYONE can see he has no place in a tournament with guys like Fedor in it.

I do like that they're having the opening round, seminfinals, and finals as separate events, though; it will negate the arguments of "well, x would have won if he hadn't just had a tougher fight".

Although it would be even cooler if this meant that it will be a 16-man tournament rather than just 8.

yeah, that's rediculous

sak may be crazy. or he wants to die in the ring. guess hes like a samurai

What he neees to consider is retirement. I don`t care to see him fight anymore ,especially against fighters who will kick his ass all over the ring.

God would that be ugly. Although, Sak vs Mino would be a great submission match. Has Saku ever been subbed?

Kimo claims to have subbed Sakuraba in Sak's first match, but it's never been confirmed whether or not that was a work.

I don't think Sak needs to retire. If a guy loves fighting and is paid very well to do it, then more power to him. If he's not concerned about the Ws and Ls on his record, why should anyone else be? His legendary status is cemented, and Sak/Rogerio showed he's still a damn good fighter.

Kimo submitted Sakuraba in a Kingdom match I believe. The word is still out on whether or not it was a work, sherdog actually listed it as part of his record for awhile. I hunted down a copy and it looks legit, but Japanese works are meant to look legit. Sakuraba looks really hurt/in pain after tapping.

Fighting a HW tourney would be bad for Sak. You have to admit though, Pride would go out of their way to get him the best matchups possible.

Im really hope he doesn't fight in the heavyweight grand prix.

Maybe he'll only be in it if Silva is in it; then they can have Sak/Silva IV for the opening round.

Not going to happen.