hey everyone I am a little late on this, but I was just wondering if Saku looked semi impressive against Rodrigo (i think thats the right bro) or if it was just a beatin, and please no he should fight at 185 excuses. I only ask cause I dont wanna buy the DVD and end up crying like I did when Wanderlai knocked him out in the opening GP round, thanks for any unbiased info

oh yeah by the way Saku is my favorite fighter of all time so my first post was in no way meant to make it sound like I was tryin to bring him down. I was just wonderin before I spent the money

You only want to buy the DVD if Saku put up a good fight? What kind of criteria is that?

sak did good it was a very close fight

yes, but only because even if I dont buy the dvd my good buddy, who is an up and coming fighter, will have it anyways so I could see it eventually, which will be about 4 or 5 months since he is at college. But Saku is my favorite fighter so I was just wondering if I should buy it now...(aka I was mainly asking how Saku did)

I thought the fight with rogerio was close.

I think the deciding factor definately was when sak slipped at the end he got socceer kicked, it was unfortunate.

Not to take away from rogerio though, he did start off really strong.

cool, thanks for the info y'all I probably will buy it and hopefully not cry too hard when I hear the decision

by the way I am a crier

I thought that Rogerio won pretty convincingly. Rogerio had all the good sub attempts and did way more damage with his strikes. Saku looked pretty good at times but did no damage besides the cut...