Sakuraba T-shirts - where to get?

I was looking at ordering a Saku39 t-shirt from Pride's webstite ( however I noticed when I got to the checkout that it was not a "secure" site - meaning your credit card info is sent out on the net unencrypted - bad idea.

I did a quick search on google and the only places I could find selling Saku t's was in Japan.

Does anyone know of any North American sites that are selling the Saku t-shirts?


The English Pride website is based out of Calif.

I have ordered several things from them including Saku T shirt and all items were delivered with in 2-3 weeks.


Its real simple people. Get a free checking account with a bank. Make sure they offer the free debit card. Use the account for your online purchases. Put money in the account when you want to spend. You can use the debit card like a credit card.

If you're worried about someone stealing funds this way, it wont happen. Unless you let it. Meaning, dont keep alot of money in this account. They cant take, what isnt there.

I ordered that blue Saku 39 shirt from and received it just fine. And to my knowledge no one has stolen my credit card info. Have a good day.

good idea lobo god. I got my saku 39 shirt from a japnaese friend too.