Sakuraba vs. Galesic at Dream 12

 Dream 12 will now host a middleweight contest between Zelg Galesic and Kazushi Sakuraba after Manhoef has been forced to withdraw due to an injury!




There is no God.

 Zelg vs. Manhoef would have been crazily good but this is still an interesting fight IMO albeit less so.

This isn't an interesting fight. It's a terrifying fight. For God's sake you'd at least think they'd match Sakuraba with grapplers at this point in his career. How many blows to the head does he have to take?

 Well...interesting precisely for the stylistic match up - not much else.

It's not 'relevant' nor will it be particularly fun to watch if Saku takes a beating but at the same time I don't think Zelg has the power of Manhoef so maybe it won't be as brutal as that one...

A lot of people died taking less punishment than what Saku got through his career.

Maybe... just maybe the promoters will finally kill off poor Sak and then they will finally get their wish.

I dont like this match up

Has the previous few beatings Sakuraba's taken displaced all memories of the rest of his career for anyone else?

i sense Sakuraba eating a head kick :(

 I like Zelg but I still think this is a winnable fight for Sak...Obviously Zelg has the edge in youth, speed and striking but the old dog still has his guile!

Zelg is the favourite to do damage but Saku could sneak  a sub if he gets it to the mat.

Big Saku fan here, but I simply do not want to see him fight this type of opponent at this stage in his career.

Dangerous fight for Sakuraba.

Yet another Saku fight that I'll hate seeing but will watch nonetheless :(

deepu - Yet another Saku fight that I'll hate seeing but will watch nonetheless :(

 Same. Scary fight.

I don't think Saku has the speed to sub Zelg anymore. Zelg isn't anything special on the mat, but he will know enough to stand back up where he has a huge advantage.

I like Sak too much for this fight to happen

If this turns out to be another Morkevicius-fight for Saku, he could very well die in the ring.

 saku inside a cage with zelg... this is bad news for sak for sure. he has not been in a cage since waaaay back and against someone like galesic... yikes. poor sak. even if he does win, its going to be by miracle submission and hes going to have a long ways to survive to get that.

Maybe we need to start an underground 'collection pot' for Sak's retirement fund so he'll agree to stop doing this to us!

Sakuraba needs to fight old guys, not studs half his age.