Sakuraba vs. Galesic at Dream 12

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                                Sakuraba vs. Galesic at Dream 12  

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Fans were excited at the prospect of a classic striking battle between Melvin Manhoef and Zelg Galesic but an 'upper arm injury' to Manhoef has forced him to withdraw from the card.

Galesic will now face Japanese legend Kazushi Sakuraba, also known as 'the Gracie Hunter' due to his mutiple wins over members of the Gracie family in his prime.

The bout now becomes a classic 'striker vs. grappler' contest and the London-based Galesic will opt to stay away from the mat as submission specialist Sakuraba is still a potent grappling threat despite claims he is 'over the hill'.

Many fans would like to see Sakuraba hang up his gloves as a career fighting bigger men has seen him on the receiving end of some severe beatings but the charismatic star is still a fan-favourite and a huge asset for Dream - one they will look to milk for all they can.