Sakuraba vs Horn

It may happen at the 185 Pride GP. Who will take it? Sakuraba has an excellent record against grapplers so I'd have to go with Saku.

I'd say Saku takes it using similar gameplan he used against Gracies. Saku is the superior wrestler.

I'll take Horn, but its Pride so ya never know. It could be Sak by flying head scissors.

close fight to call, hope it happens i'd love to see it.

Sak's just not as fast as he used to be. I hate to say it, but Horn will win by decision.

Of course there's no reason to think these two would meet in any case. Also, has Sak himself even expressed any interest in fighting in the 185 and not the 205 GP? I can't really see him getting excited about having to work out and lose 20 pounds.

horn ... sakuraba doesn't have somewhere he's better at to take the fight to

Horn would finish Saku!Jeremy is a machine and he is going to destory people!

Horn would beat Sakuraba!

What a fantastic fight that would be :)

Thats a dream match up for me.

Horn's the man though. :)

I think Horn would soundly defeat Sakuraba. I am not convinced there is going to be a 185 lb tournament. I know MMAWeekly reported this but they basically got it from Monte Cox, who seems to think it will happen. I know Monte is a very reliable person but things kind of get twisted with Pride officials and contacts and really can change up until the last minute.

I don't see either being able to finish the other.I'd guess Horn gets the JD cause I've lost faith in Saks stand-up since he struggled to out kickbox smaller beginner striker Nino Schembri.

"Saku is the superior wrestler."  this is probably thought by many people but when Horn fought Cotoure, Horn looked like he got some of the take downs and was on top alot.  I haven't seen the whole fight though, only highlights.

I saw that horn opened is own gym.  Is he going to go back to Iowa a few weeks before the fight to train?

Horn would KO him, his stand up is seriously underrated. I think Sak would beat him in his prime but now, he's too wrecked. Horn doesn't have 1 punch KO power but he could still hurt him pretty good.

horn strikes better than any gracie. sak would have a hard night

"Sakuraba will be fighting in the 205 GP, and his opponent will be Vanderlei."

Plz dont say that. The possiblity scares me. I can't watch it for a fourth time.

Saku has a crush on Wandy lol

There was a time when I would have said Sakuraba for sure but now I can see Horn by decision