Sakuraba's ear reattached after five hour surgery

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                                Sakuraba's ear reattached after five hour surgery

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@joshgrossespn what's the latest on Sakuraba's ear...?

... Successfully reattached after five hours of surgery. Yeesh.
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 Well, that's good to hear.  :)

 best news I've heard all day!

 He can't be broke.

Why does he fight?

Sad indeed.

 ATTN: Saku


Can you hear me now

Now is the time for Sakuraba vs Matt Hammil.

that bluetooth headset mod he had came out a little sketchy...

This man has sacrificed so much for this sport. I mean the motherfucker literally lost his ear, that is unreal.

DamnSevern -  ATTN: Saku


Can you hear me now

Please become DREAM's VP of Business Relations!

StevetheWeasel - I really questioned whether he'd even bother.

At this point I have to think his hearing would be better without the deformed remains of his outer ear. And he wouldn't have to worry about it falling off again in a fight.

Yeah, but the thing is he shouldn't be fighting anymore. And before anyone asks, no, he can not hear you now.

I feel like that's got to be the most abused ear in the history of mma Phone Post

Great to hear. Man has probably the biggest heart in the history of the sport. but it is definitely time to hang up the gloves. Only potential matchups I would like to see him retire on would be Saku-Royce 3 or Saku-Rickson....but probably never happen

At Fight Magazine link, it has his record and opponents, but his first fight is listed as Vernon White...where's Conan?

Fail Sonnen - There is not a fighter I'd more like to see retire.


Saku thanks for the memories but time to move on buddy.

omg saku!

That pic is so gnarly!

So sad to see one of the sports' greatest end up like this.

stevekt - Now is the time for Sakuraba vs Matt Hammil.

oh man!!!

Hmm... When your ear falls off, it might be time to consider retiring from your profession.

saku try doing grappling,ADCC or something. not really a chance for injury and you can still compete....but this? omg! look at your effin' ear! this has to end...