Sakuraba's Last Fight

Did anyone see it? I saw a clip and he didnt look to hot, but I was reading "Grappling" the other day and they said that anyone who thought Sak was washed up should watch this fight cause he was at his finest. How did he look?

And IMHO, Sak at his prime, right before he lost to Silva the first time, would have spanked Lil Nog(who I think is awesome)

Was his last fight against Randleman? That fight was boring as hell. There were only three very short scrambles that showed a glimpse of the old Sakaraba, one of them being the end of the fight where he broke the bejeesus out of Kevin's arm. It was late in the 3rd round (1 minute left I think). So, you pretty much have to sit thru 18 minutes of boring, to get to the nice finish.

it wasnt that boring. if you sat through Royce/Saku this match wont even register.

Sak did very well , many here thought Randleman was going to retire him

while the win over randlemen was nice (nice armbar), his last fight was in the new years eve show against Rogerio Nog. (Mintoro). I like Sak but he got his ass kicked that night. He said later on that he wasnt in very good shape and yes Sak did look about 10, mayeb 15 pounds heavy. it went to decision but it wasnt close. The fight ended with Sak getting soccer kicked like three times. The fight did go to the ground a little but not much happened that I can remember. Nog did get somewhat close to a triangle and he attempted a crucifix but he did his damage in the stand up portion of the fight.

Sak did good in his last fight. He lost for sure, but performed well. Also, the only reason he was getting soccer kicked in the end (few landed) was because he slipped on water and fell in an awkward position. It's not like Nog put him in that position first and then kicked.