Sakurai vs. Olaf?


The matchup we've all been asking for.

Sakurai by homicide.

Wouldnt Razor v Sakurai have been much more entertaining?

i just read that. what a joke, how in the fuck does olaf get in pride?

My heart says Olaf, but my brain says my heart is stupid.

I think that Olaf/Sakurai is going to be the most exciting fight of the night. The most boring fight will be a Unanimous Descision victory by Jason Black against his opponent(whoever it is).

The reason Olaf and Crazy Horse have jobs at PRIDE is because they are exciting and can be unpredictable.

You must become more than just a man in the mind of your opponent.

"Olaf and Crazy Horse fighting for Bushido is a HUGE slap in the face to about 20 very deserving LW's in America."

Yes, but Pride doesn't care too much about who's deserving - they care about who is entertaining!

How the fuck could they not get Mac or Gabe over there... WTF? Glad to see that Pride is now getting guys who haven't proven themselves as fighter... just as freak shows.

TTT for Meth Jesus.

Olaf is an exciting guy to watch fight, but he just got murdered by "Razor" Rob not too long ago. Kind of crazy that this is his next fight. I just hope he doesn't get hurt too bad.

"Olaf, Berzerker! Girl think sexy" "Did he say making fuck?"

I'm just glad to hear Olaf is alive after that brutal ko from Razor Rob

It was a beautiful punch set up by a body kick and then some hammer strikes to make of my all time favorite ko's

Oh I agree capn, doesn't happen like that very often. Just saying it's a very tough fight after being brutally KO'd like that. I don't see guys getting taken out of the cage/ring in a neckbrace and stretcher very often. I like watching Olaf fight and I am glad he is getting a shot in the big show.

"Olaf by Olafplata"


"Gabe is barely a step above Olaf and would get his ass beat just as badly."

Gabe choked out Olaf out, and he was blue in the face. Come back when you know what you are talking about.

Olaf will shock the world

Bennett-Olaf would have been better

I actually want to see Olaf vs Krazy Horse.

Olaf vs. Krazy Horse... coming to Gladiator Challenge near you. I say it ends in a draw.

Ugh, this just annoys me. I hope Sakurai beats the crap out of Olaf.

Olaf vs Sakurai is almost as big a mismatch as Wiman vs Fisher.