Salaries For UFC Fight Night 6

MMAweekly just put up the latest info on UFC salaries:

"UFC Fight Night 6 took place last Thursday, August 17th, in Las Vegas, Nevada and aired nationally on Spike TV. What follows is a full listing of the fighter salaries for the event, which the UFC is required by law to submit to the Nevada State Athletic Commission. Any additional bonuses that the UFC has chosen not to disclose are not included in the listings below."

"Regarding the "known event revenue" that is listed below the disclosed fighter payroll, the live gate for this event at the Fertitta-owned Red Rock Resort was $187,050. The total attendance was 1,412; with 1,052 tickets sold and 360 free comp tickets."

"As previously disclosed by Neilsen Monitor Plus, the average price for a 30-second commercial on UFC programming is $3,500, so the gross advertising revenue is $112,000 per hour. Therefore, the gross advertising revenue for a UFC broadcast is $224,000 if it's a two-hour broadcast. The amount of the rights fee that Spike TV pays Zuffa is not known."

UFC Fight Night 6

Event took place on August 17, 2006 and aired on Spike TV

-Diego Sanchez: $32,000 (defeated Karo Parisyan in main event)

-Joe Riggs: $24,000 (defeated Jason Von Flue)

-Dean Lister: $16,000 (defeated Yuki Sasaki)

-Josh Koscheck: $14,000 (defeated Jonathan Goulet)

-Chris Leben: $14,000 (defeated Jorge Santiago)

-Karo Parisyan: $12,000 (lost to Diego Sanchez in main event)

-Anthony Torres: $10,000 (defeated Pat Healy)

-Martin Kampmann: $10,000 (defeated Crafton Wallace)

-Jonathan Goulet: $6,500 (lost to Josh Koscheck)

-Jake O'Brien: $6,000 (defeated Kristof Midoux)

-Jason Von Flue: $5,000 (lost to Joe Riggs)

-Yuki Sasaki: $5,000 (lost to Dean Lister)

-Sam Morgan: $4,000 (lost to Forrest Petz)

-Jorge Santiago: $4,000 (lost to Chris Leben)

-Forrest Petz: $4,000 (defeated Sam Morgan)

-Crafton Wallace: $3,000 (lost to Martin Kampmann)

-Kristof Midoux: $2,000 (lost to Jake O'Brien)

-Pat Healy: $2,000 (lost to Anthony Torres)

Gross Totals:

Disclosed Fighter Payroll: $173,500

Known Event Revenue: $411,050 (live gate of $187,050; TV ad revenue of $224,000)

You mean to tell me that Diego Sanchez is making $32,000 while a Champion (Rich Franklin) is making 38,000?!


Wow, As reigning champ I would expect to be paid substansially more than a contender.

I think Rich gets paid 800million dollars a year from Xience though so he's fine.

38k when chuck is 200k+ thats crazy.

Rich Frankling gets a percentage of the ppv and there's also a rumor that Zuffa also recently paid him a very large bonus.

It has to do with the contract diego has from tuf.

Damn Diego made out with a nice contract from that show.

Still, Franklin is getting beans.

Rich Franklin spent most of his last UFC paycheck going through a tollbooth.