Sale Fuji dbl-weave gi 4.5 Blue

FUJI Double-Weave Judogi, size 4.5 in BLUE.  I've washed it in hot water and dried it in hot dryer 4-5 times to shrink it but is still a little too big for my liking – sleeves, body, pant length. I doubt it'll shrink any further. Also, I've worn it in practice only once, so honestly, it is almost as good as new.


The gi goes for US$ 89 in retail before adding shipping costs.  I'd like to sell it for $60 (which will include shipping to 48 continental US states - I'm in NYC) – or best offer.


The Gi itself is really good quality. Very well-constructed, solid lapels, the jacket material is very similar to the Mizuno Ichiban.  The sleeves are of appropriate length for the size – unlike my Ichiban where the sleeves are a bit too short. The Fuji pants are thicker than my Ichiban pants & very well-constructed too.


I also bought a White Fuji double-weave in the same size, but that one shrank a bit more than the blue and so fits me better. (I think white gis in general shrink more than blue ones)


I am 5'9" or so, weigh around 180lbs (82-84kgs).  Further sizing details: I wear suits in size 40-42. The arm length of my dress shirts are 33-34". My waist is 33", pant inseams are 30".


I think this gi will be perfect for someone a little bit taller and bigger than me.


If interested, you can reach me at: topjor @



To take a look at what the gi looks like, please check out the Hatashita or Kodokan Gear sites.


Thank you!

BTW,  for further size comparison, I have a sz. 3.5 Mizuno Ichiban, and a sz. 3 Toraki Gold (3.5 in pants) that fit me well.

I know, I should've gone a half-size or even a full-size down for this Fuji, but some years ago I'd bought a Fuji double in sz. 3.5 that shrank too much, so ...


"Fuji? Those bastards." He barked angrily.

I once ordered a quadruple-weave 'bitchiban,' (consistancy of 18 guage sheet metal) as I foolishly thought that more weaves were better than less weaves. Anyway! I, instead, got a rhinestone studded, sequin-adorned Elvis-type karate gi. It took me several weeks before I figured out why people were afraid to grip up with me. I just naturally assumed that it was my overwhelming, world-class kumikata. It was, in fact, due to 'glare.' Coupled with the embarrassment of being seen with me.

I consider Fuji to be well, and truly, non grata.


I've ordered fuji doubles for a few of my guys. It's a very nice gi.

LOL!!! I just knew ashy would find this thread too tempting to pass up without a comment!


Sorry! Its an illness.

Plus, I bought a single weave a few years ago that turned a weird blue. The upside was that it fell apart in under 6 months. So it all worked out, I guess.

hey ashy, if your pseudo-blue gi fell apart, don't ya think it's about time to get a new blue gi - and a "very nice gi" at that?

Hmmm! You'd think that, wouldn't ya.

Hey Sta im in NYC and have teh same measurements as you. I'll get back to you about it.

MFranco, we could meet somewhere in the city - I live in Brooklyn, but work in midtown. I can bring the gi for you to try on & decide if you want it or not.

If you're interested, email me & we can discuss further.

MFranco, waiting for you to contact me ... anyone else??? price is not set in stone!

OK guys, post Xmas markdown!!!

Take the gi for US$40 (includes shipping to lower 48 states)

If you're also interested in the same gi in white, you can have both for $75 (incl. shipping)

Price still negotiable.