Sale on Hayabusa Kimonos at GAMMA Montreal

GAMMA Gear in Montreal is selling the new Hayabusa "Pro Jiu-Jitsu" Kimonos.

All sizes and colors (white, black & blue) are in stock - for now.

SRP $229.99 for all sizes and colors.

These kimonos are the cutting edge in technical features. Triple weave ripstop fabric, reinforced chest, collar and knees, free flex shoulders for increased mobility, and a performance stretch inseam for optimal hip and leg flexibility.

Add to all this, they are pre-shrunk and competition ready (IBJJF approved)

We are available at 514-281-9928 or at

429 Mayor St
Montreal, Quebec


My apologies to everyone.

I was informed yesterday, by email, that promotional sales on Hayabusa product is against their terms and conditions of sale.

I was not aware of this when I announced it and, by this announcement, am rescinding the original sale announcement with my apologies.

Philip Gelinas