For a limited time, we are having a sale . Space is needed for new inventories. All of our original design shorts are now on sale for $27.00.

I'm going to buy five pairs this week. Seriously.

trying to buy some shit now but the sites not working for me?

Sweet site!! doesn't even work

do the shorts fit true to size?

the pair i have is a little large, i typically wear a 32 or 33 so i bought a 32 and they're a little looser than i'd like.

I hope there will be some left for me !!

website seems to be down

I apologize for the site being so damn slow with the refreshing. We switched hosting with Godaddy and at peak hours their server just goes to crap. The site does work because a lot of orders went through early in the morning.

The me and I will save a few pair for when you get here.


Man, if you could hook me up (omg, i stole the #1 line from west coast custome¨s) with a pair of winston & Basilone Shorts it would be great!

think im around size 34 maybe?

And the new t-shirts look great!


thanks for the quick delivery. i just got my 3 shorts and 4 tshirts today. i like the shorts they seem to fit a little bit tighter than my otm shorts. but no complaints. the shirts are really awesome and good quality. you should make some forty thieves gi patches.

BRADY..we do have patches. We usually give them away. they are the same size as the logo on the shorts. Red writing on black patches and also red on white patches. If anyone want a free patch just say " i want a free patch" in the comment box.

....ill mention that next time i order

bought a pair of winston shorts last night.
i think i will look good surfing in them too.

thanks for the heads up on the sale!


Forty Thieves has some cool shit fellas, better get some while supplies last.

YEAH, can?t w8 until a get them.... soon mmmm....sooon!

i got mine super quick