Salem, Mass in October

iw atched some show on Salem witchhunts


i was disappointed to learn that the majority of shit people think about Salem and the witchhunts is false/bullshit.......and not nearly as "Cool" as people make it out to be


also all the shit went down in some other town, NOT salem



happy halloween guys

Heard the radio ad for the mma fights on drive to work today . You better stop all the fights early cause I gotta sleep on that floor after a red claws NBDL game this fall with my kid and the cub scouts. Don't need anymore stains than there already are Phone Post 3.0

donnybrook - Drunk assholes, obnoxious 6's and 7's (dressed slutty which bumps them to 7s and 8s), and wiccans dressed like they just came from the Renaissance Faire or a Larping match.

Real halloween fun can be had at many better locations. Check out Haunted Overload in NH, or the thing they do up at Mt Cranmore. Phone Post 3.0
This x a bajillion.

Im going zombie paintballing! Phone Post 3.0

The zombie paintball is fun, but the zombie airsoft in Abington, MA is much better. Phone Post 3.0