because it seems some of you are getting into the fucken business and trying to sell shit like sponsorships, booths, etc, please use the following as a guideline when making a call:

-get your fucken numbers in order. know what the fuck a demographic is and the specific numbers if you're going to bring that shit up. that means history from previous events and specific back up as to how and why. goddamnit

-know your fucken product. goddamnit, KNOW IT BETTER THAN THE PERSON YOU'RE CALLING!

-think, "what value can i bring this person or organization?" when asking him for something. NOT, what he can do for you. WTF IS WRONG W/ YOU?

-BE HUMBLE, if one ounce of arrogance is detected in your wording or mannerisms, i guarantee you, i ain't gonna like you. and this also means that the money ain't gonna cum.

would it be so hard as to take some training courses on sales at the local adult continuing education institutions?

good lord i picked a bad life to quit smoking.

I'll remember this when it comes "Eddie" time next year and you come around!!


lol! i'll make sure i have the monster girls invade your space again!!!

Love Vidration btw. Good stuff, more oomph then Vitamin Water imo

All points above should also apply to Customer Service...good Lord F*n Vistaprint bitshes!!!

mad tiger - Love Vidration btw. Good stuff, more oomph then Vitamin Water imo

and ZERO cal and carbs! SPLENDA FTW

Vidration is the shnizzzzzzz

it truly is the best vitamin drink out there imho pfp.

 The green Vidration is the first thing I grab when I drunkenly stumble into a 7-eleven at 4am. 

lemon lime!