Sales Tax Question

If I buy products at wholesale and resell them retail and charge sales tax. Who do I pay the sales tax to? The city, The county, the state? Is it different for different areas? How often do I pay it? Thanks.

its devided between the state and the county.

Do they send me paperwork and an address of where to send payment and how often??

It depends on the tax code in your area. It could be a state, county, and city. And it is your responsibility to pay them even if they don't contact you. Call the place you got your business lic. and they should be able to give you the information you need and let you know who to contact.

Yeah, all depends on the area. Around here we only have a state sales tax. You register with the state and once a year they send you a coupon book with monthly or weekly vouchers depending on what you are required to pay.