Salma Hayek, um is BIGGER (Pics)

Any pics of her taco ?

Don’t care. Still wood.

Somehow, I feel like you’re going to be disappointed, but since you asked…

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I too would like to titty fuck her butt hole

Betty Boop…what a dish!

She sucked in Eternals.

She was great in Dusk till Dawn.

One of the GOATs

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And where has Jack Carter been?

Good Lord!!

She swears her breasts are real, i want to believe

She has said that pregnancy and menopause have enlarged her knobs. She has had a lift too but that’s just a good idea for any woman.

God bless her


Those are fuckin huge!

Wood and not gently

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the underwire on that Gucci top is working overtime in the first pic at the top of this thread!!!