Salsa Verde ala Pito Chueco

I am making some shredded chicken tacos tomorrow, so today I made some green suace. This stuff is easy and tastes awesome. If a blue will oblige, pics and description follows:
1 lb. of tomatillos
1 white onion
2 peppers (I used one serrano, one jalapeno)
2 cloves garlic
1/4 cup or so cilantro.

Put the tomatillos (still in husk), onion cut in half, peppers and garlic in a bowl. Toss with oil, then grill for 15 minutes. Dont worry if it looks burnt.

In a blender, add about 2 tsp salt, 1 tblsp cumin, 2 tsp pepper and the cilantro. When they cool a bit, remove the husks from the tomatillos and toss them, onion, garlic and peppers into the blender. Liquify and serve warm with tortilla chips or add to tacos/fajitas.

 That's pretty close to the way I make my green sauce except I usually add the juice of a couple of limes to give it more punch and I add about a half dozen more serrano's.

wow. with just two peppers, it has a pretty good kick and I have a fairly high tolerance for the fuego.

I will have to try it with some limes.

This stuff is good many different ways. I like to lay two warm tortillas flat on a plate, add two fried eggs and spoon this stuff on top.

Pito Chueco - wow. with just two peppers, it has a pretty good kick and I have a fairly high tolerance for the fuego.

 I usually like my salsa nuclear hot, but if I was making it for others to enjoy I would probably only use a couple of them.


Pito Chueco... Thanks for the inspiration and the recipe.

I used your recipe, but added the juice from 1/4 lime and omitted the cilantro. I used two serranos (seeds and all) and it had a nice spice, but not really hot... turned out excellent!

On a side note... I made fajitas, using skirt steak. My first time using that cut. Apparently it is a difficult cut of meat to get in NE Ohio. A couple weeks ago a local butcher shop advertised it, but it was gone when I got there... said they would have anymore for a couple months... ended up buying a tri-tip. A local grocery store had it advertised it this week... so I scored a couple.

The skirt steak had excellent flavor, but was tough as shoe leather. Is that normal?

Cool, glad you liked it. I know its FRAT, but read this article about the evolution of the different cuts of beef offered as fajita:

As far as being tough, it really is by nature, but you can get this by long marinates and slicing thin against the grain.

NE Ohio? I am from Cleveland originally, so can appreciate the difficulties in finding certain ingredients.

Also, give the cilantro a try...really adds to it.

Skirt steak is sometimes labled flank steak, so look for that too.

Yeah... the salsa verse was a big hit.

I think I'll pass on the cilantro, I'm not a big fan.

Thanks for the article on the history of fajitas... cool read.

I was raised in Greater Cleveland (east side), and now live about 30 miles east... but drive in to beautiful East Cleveland everyday for work.

Cool, I was born in Garfield Heights, but thankfully my folks moved me out to Texas when I was 4.

All my family still lives in Cleveland / Parma area, so I visit every once in a while.


This one is super simple, and great with tortilla chips:

1 16oz sour cream
1 packet hidden valley ranch DIP mix (not the dressing mix)
1/3 cup PICKLED jalapeno slices (more if you like it hot)
1 handful of cilantro

Throw all in blender and blend. If you dont like cilantro, dont worry , it wont stand out in this.

Good recipe I'm going to try the sauce(with cilantro)
I think That you can use coriander. It is a cousin to the Cilantro. not the same. Might be worth a try if you have the spice already.

Does anyone have a good mole recipe?

Hiznaturegirl - 

Does anyone have a good mole recipe?