Salsbury versus Irvin?!?!

Did a real argument take place or it it no big deal? I didn't see it but I heard about a little back and forth they had on the post game. 2 gigantic egos at work there. Irvin talks a little shit now and then but 3 rings give you that right. Salsbury has a huge ego as well but his jewelry box is quite a bit lighter than Michaels. I'll now brace myself for the flood of Michael Irvin haters........

but he was in the pros, not that that matters...

look at most analysts...they never played, but their opinion matters

I loved the "4 Downs" segment with John Clayton when Clayton was giving him shit about only having 12 career starts. Salsbury tells him:

"Just remember, that's a dozen more jockstraps than you ever put on."


salsbury seems a bit more abrasive this year, i dont know why. but if he would haul off and deck irvin, i would praise him as my new god.

i'm just waiting for some announcer/commentator to get annoyed with Irvin and rich into his pocket and pull out a plastic bag of floor or some other white pocket and say something like

"here have fun now shut up!"

I think Irvin will have his own show in a year....just a feeling. You gotta admit the dude makes you watch him. He's great on radio too. Dan Patrick and him are funny as hell together on Patrick's radio show.

i refuse to watch him. he is an idiot and i generally turn the channel when he starts spouting off like an idiot. i will watch fox pregame most of the time anyway.

I respect Salsbury's opinion, because his knowledge of the game is good...Irvin is a joke..