Saltlake City MMA, May 1st

MMA in Utah takes a step in the right direction May 1st as Rich Layton, Joel Marchello and OFA Productions open their door to the inagural first show, Cagefighting Championships, A New Level.

Doors open at 6:30 and fights start at 8:00 with tickets on sale at (801)3676598 or (801)8141638. The show will be held in the MTI events gym at 650 E. Wilmington Ave(2180 S.) Salt Lake City, Utah.

This event will also cater to a number of MMA Celebrities including Royce Gracie, Alex Stebling, and Jeremy Horn, all of whom have competed in the UFC and Pride.

The Fight Card:

Justin Ellison(Walt Bayless) VS Chilo Gonzales(Denver, CO)

Chris"The All-American" Kiever(Team Unified) VS Matt"El Suave" Horwich(Team Quest)

Josh"the peoples warrior" Burkman VS Drew Ellisor(Evolution)

Brian Beebe(Ogden Fighting Alliance)VS Jeremy "the Jer Bear" Brown

Rob Alconcel(Team Unified)VS Tyler Tomlinson(Ogden Fighting Alliance)

Paul Sizemore(Pedro Sauer BJJ)VS Brian Weber(TKO, Boise)

Sherad Guice(Ogden Fighting Alliance)VS Tim Croft(Walt Bayless)

Tim Wilde(Ogden Fighting Alliance)VS Mark"Pittsburgh" Gamp(Pedro Sauer BJJ)

Kasey Jackson(Walt Bayless)VS Damie Lassiter(TKO Boise)

Jerome Isaccs(Ogden Fighting Alliance) VS JD Carter(Team Hardcore, Boise)

Pat Reeves(Ogden Fighting Alliance) VS Jimmy Wallace(Team Hardcore, Boise)

John Ryan(Green River Utah) VS Tafuna Pomalolo(Slam INC)

Dave Foley(Ogden Fighting Alliance)VS Matt May(Boise)
(Kickboxing Match)

This will be one of the greatest shows that comes from a Utah based Promotion.

Monte Cox really paved a way when he was bringing the Extreme Challenge to Utah because die hard fans got to see the fights on a pro level.
With what is happening now, hopefully we will see more local fighters on the pro levels and have shows like the Extreme Challenge back in Utah again.

TTT for an awesome show and great card