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good god lachlan did not wear that outfit

From: orbit
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good god lachlan did not wear that outfit
You have ignored this user.

Sadly Orbit Yes He did wear that Outfit.
I am however thankful that neither My Name or the name of the club appeared on said outfit.
It could have been worse, Ive seen him in the Aoki tights.

what makes it worse orbit is that your boyfriend (geoff) lost to a man wearing that outfit. I think that by the transitive property that means you've lost to a man wearing that outfit

I really like the outfit!

I realize that may not help....

I hate seeing pictures of myself because they always show my terrible posture.

My posture is way better than those shorts, though, Lachlan. Good god. I think I'm going to have nightmares tonight.

I think you guys have crazy taste in fightwear. Lachlan, you look great!

I think that outfit is definitely Intergalactic rockstarish :)

Sexy man, sexy man :)

i like how much attention my outfit is getting but I feel like many of you are missing the point of it. I know i look good wearing it (mostly because robin says so and I know he is stylish) but it was worn for 2 reasons to make weight while still eating chocolate and so that i would go faster (red makes you go faster and that is just science).

Also Pound for Pound makes a very nice rash guard though they are not responsible for the terrifying shorts (those are special from japan)