Sam got robbed

I cannot believe LnP won that shit. He did nothing but take him down and hug Sam. What bullshit.

Takedown after takedown and then what? Nothing! Sam did very well in that match...He at least made a lot of efforts and did land stand up shots too...Damage in my opinion is what wins fights...

Close fight, but not a robbery.

No he didn't, but Jardine definantly did.

Takedown after takedown -does- count in UFC judging. It sucks, but it does. Rashad won under UFC judging.

Jardine, on the other hand, got hosed.

Rashad won the standup as well though. Yes he accomplished nothing on the ground after the takedowns but he won the standup. Hoger landed 1 highkick and had 1 good sub attempt and did nothing else the whole fight. You have got to be out of your mind if you think there is any logical scoring system that would have given him the win.

Rashad was kicking his ass in the standup, but he basically lost his eye from the high kick.

What the fuck to you expect him to do? Stand up and get knocked out since he can't see?

He took Sam down at will

This is ultimate fighting not ultimate wrestling. LOL at people who think rashad owned Sam in the stand up. They traded a lot of shots but Sam had a dozen kicks that added up and the LnP bullshit was crap.

IMO, I thought Rashad pushed the action... He just looked busier.

Close fight. No way was Hogar "robbed," as if Hogar clearly won that fight. Could have gone either way, and it went Evan's way, with the asterisk that it was a split decision.

it's too bad they actually HAD to pick a winner..

no way in hell that fight should have been scored
30-27, the judge with that score should never get to judge another fight again.

Could have went either way IMO but 30-27 wasn't fair at all. I think Sam did great out there and could have easily got that decision.




Jardine too!!!

As much as this fight bored me, Hogar lost. I really dont like Hogar and would like to see him go someplace else. It just seems like the first 2 rounds, when it went to the ground, he hugged onto Rashad and wouldn't let go. On the feet, the 1st and 2nd rounds anyway, Rashad dominated. I agree totally with the decision.

"Sam hugging Rashad for dear life means he won?? WTF?!?! Sam was stalling in the gaurd for the first round and a half."

Apparently the onus is on the guy on top to duplicate Fedor/Nog I each time he's on top or its a "LNP." This is regardless of the fact that the bottom guy could be counting sheep and by doing a koala bear impersonation at the same time. Doesnt matta!

"Could have went either way IMO but 30-27 wasn't fair at all. I think Sam did great out there and could have easily got that decision.

Agreed entirely. Agree with Cindy-O as well!

Hells no Fathead D doesn't--but keep in mind, Fathead D watches all fights with MFS goggles on!

Just busting you--way to support your boy.

lackluster fight form both but rashad did just a little more to win the fight since both didnt do much of shit.