Sam Johnston Seminar :Aug12 - Fred

Just wanted to let everyone know that Sam Johnston will be having a seminar in Fredericton Aug 12. Please call or email me for more info. If anyone is interested, its a 6 hour seminar - $50 / person & you should make sure to bring a GI!!!
hope to see everyone on the mat!!


ttt for Sam!


ttt for sam is right

the directions to the club are on our website for the Amatuer Boxing Club

Bumpity, I'll have to wake up early that day I guess.

TTT for Sam, I had a blast training with him when he was down here in Ottawa. He's incredibly knowledgable, super technical and one of the nicest guys you will ever meet.

All the best Sam,


ttt for Sam!

Thanks so much for the encouragement guys! We are trying hard to develop and promote BJJ and MMA in New Brunswick and the Maritimes. There are now several quality gyms in the region, competitive events and some skilled, young guys with much potential.



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tru dat! The seminar's & training sessions Sam has put on in the past have been great! Looking forward to saturday, hopefully we will be able to have more in the future & build a strong team here in Fredericton!

Sam, what are you focusing on during this seminar?

Various transitions concentrated on "taking the back", once the position is secured strategies involving positional dominance, methods for escaping when the back in taken, various chokes from back positions: left side, right side and in the turtle position, methods of attacking defensive counters. We will also drill this position. It will be great to see and train with you guys again!

Thanks Sam,

As always great instruction and a ton of fun. Looking forward to the next time.

Thanks Beau for the logistics, mat space and having us.

Peace bro., my pleasure- I had a great time as well! I really enjoy getting together for training with you guys. Keep up the good work!

Later SAM

you guys are always welcome @ the gym!! It was a great seminar & I would like to thank Sam for coming out to train with us!
Hopefully we can have more in the future!!

ttt for a photo sent to

Thanks to Sam for putting on a great seminar yesterday.

Nice to see such a good turnout.

Anyone in the area is welcome to come along to train at the boxing club Sundays 1630, Monday 1930, and Wednesday 1930. We ask for $5 per class, which goes to Aubrey McLeod to help support the boxing club, that has been very generous in letting us use the space.