Sam Raimi directing World of Warcraft movie

As a modeler myself, I can say it is harder actually, as with just about anything, the more detail the harder it gets. Do you really believe shrek took the same amount of time to design/model/animate as say arthas from the WOTLK cinimatic? Hell the hands/gloves of arthas probly took more time than the entire shrek model.

Think of it in terms of just hand drawing, surely drawing some of the pixar cartoony characters would be much easier then a realistic person right?

edit: Not saying it would take 10 years to make or couldnt be done, just saying it is more difficult

gotcha. thanks nate! :) no doubt that WoW cinematics are more detailed then Shreck and other flicks like that.

That Final Fantasy movie was near photo realistic and that didn't take 10 years.

Believe it or not Warcraft cutscenes are not the pinnacle of CG animation :P

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