Sam Stout Vs Joey Brown

Its on... TKO 19 just saw it on the TKO website.

Stout is going to rip up the ranks.

This guy really has hands of stone, and kicks, and knees etc...

Poor Joey....

yes poor Joey and i think stout have good skill for beat my record for the fastest ko of the TKO history

0.05 sec.


My little brother....

He's gonna hurt somebody.......

Road Warrior your the shit man. We're gonna try to beat your record for sure.......

That kick was awesome!

I can say this from a totally heterosexual standpoint... that's a sexy kick!


I have yet to see Sam Stout compete. I must make it to TKO 19 !!!

After Sam beats Joey Brown it would be nice to see Sam fight a west coast fighter....say....Chad Hamzeh...just a thought...

Hamzeh vs Stout for sure!!

Sounds like a great bout.

After Brown, Stout will be making his K-1 debut.
Then maybe we can make it happen.

It does sound like a great bout Shawn. I hope you don't think I'm coming on here to call out your fighters or anything, that isn't Aristeia's style. I think it would be fun for the both of them and even better for the fans.

Do you know when/where Sam will be making his K-1 debut? I take it will under K-1 Max or will they be having a K-1 event in Las Vegas with all different weight classes? Any info would be appreciated.

Nathan, you just suggested the matchup. That was not calling out. Shawn knows the difference. Not like you said, his guys are no good, and Hamzeh would destroy Stout!

Stout would give Hamzeh all he could handle, but that's what's best about Chad, he does better the tougher the opponents get. He'd rise to the occasion for this fight, and can picture him doing this fight out of respect for Stout's skills!

ttt for Stout

Thxs wpgfighter. I'm glad it didn't come across that way.

Yep that's a good fight I gotta say... pretty contrasting styles. It'll be different fighting, with Tompkins in the venue, and him NOT on my side ;)

That's the biz. Good luck to Sam in K-1, he'll do well.


Coarse that's just my opinion. Shawn could be on his way over there he's so mad? ;)

Guys just to set this straight a few things......

Chad is a fighter I think of as a great friend. We have spent many good times at shows together and have even discussed game plans together.

Nathan is a fellow manager that I think is definately got the drive it takes to get his fighters to where they should be.. The TOP. Don't get me wrong, I'm not going to answer every question he asks me !-) But thats just business. I think he's a great guy.

Choosing fights, we take pretty much any fight that is put in our way. Thats why I take the respect of my fighters so seriously. Chad vs Sam is gonna be awesome and one thing is forsure we'll all have a great time after its over and hopefully both Sam and Chad will be laughing all the way to the bank....

TTT for Team Tompkins and Aristeia Management