Sam Stout wins by Sub!

Sam Stout def. Jay Estrada by Submission (Armbar) at 1:51 of the 2nd round

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beautiful way to win, especially with the comments made prior to the fight by Jay.

what comments?


These comments.

"Im going to squash him, just like I did the first time we met! exclaimed an enthused Estrada after receiving the call from TKO. We should have fought at TKO 24, but Sam pulled out with a mysterious injury because he got his call from the UFC. I understand, of course, because he knew hed get crushed again and lose his chance at the big dance. It worked out even better for me, because hes got a bigger name now and lots of fans. Ive been waiting a long time for this fight because it
s my chance to become champion and get my well deserved recognition.

I went out and partied after watching his fight against Kenny Florian! Three years after our first fight and hes still got the same holes! explained Estrada. Im going to walk through him, become TKO Lightweight Champion, and then Ill teach a lesson to this new kid, Chris Horodecki."

what did jay say?

"what did jay say?"

its right there.

you guys need to relax. it's called hyping a fight. the more people are interested in it, the more exposure you get.

watch the prefight interview and that'll give you a better look at how jay really is.

source wc17?

jay is a good guy i know him and train with him. he trained hard for this fight and respects sam stout trust me. sounds like b.s to me jay is a class act.


yeah, Jay came off better in the pre fight interview, but I do think Sam took the hype comments personally, and it added some feul to his fire. Sam's taken a lot of heat about his ground game, and this was definitely unexpected way for him to win, and about as sweet a way for him to win as possible, if not so much due to Jay, but as well due to all the other critics out there.

"source wc17?"

I gave the source. TKO's website.

Great news...hope to see Sam fight back in the States soon. He's always been exciting.

I will say though, if Estrada's comment were just hype and they do look to be I will admit, they did work and added to an increase in my interest with regards to the fight. when there seems to be bad blood presented, and things appear to be personal between two combatants, rather than just another day at the office, it just makes things more interesting.

sam is good but you cant blame people for questioning his ground after being spanked by kenny florian like he was. now i know like alot of fighters know sometimes you have a bad fight but to the public eye he looks really weak on the ground. with that said upset my boy jay got beat but nice win sam!


p.s jay will be back.

Call me an asshole, but...

All I can think about is how fast KenFlo must be able to sub Estrada then. :)


kenflo got lucky subbin sam that fast i mean sam did bad and could have done better. kenny would not run through estrada trust me jay is tough on the ground. sounds like he got caught in a bad spot tonite.

Florian's the real deal and deserves a ton more credit than he gets, and I do think that Sam was very unlike his usual self against Florian, and there was a big difference in his mentality for this one. Against Kenny going in I just picked up the vibe that Sam was a little cocky. I think I recall Sam saying that he underestimated him as well. Going into that fight against Florian Sam was riding a high and it's easy to get overconfident when things go well. I think Sam was humbled and grew a lot mentally from that fight. He was about as motivated it would seem as he could have been for this one.

But Florian does have like 10 years on Stout. when kenflo was Stouts age, no one knew who he was. we will compare the two in ten years.

congrats to Sam Stout, he should be back in the UFC immediately...against Guillard IMO. Guaranteed fireworks. Great fighter, underestimated only because Florian is underestimated.

more results?