Sam Stout wins by Sub!

Jay and his boy who comes on here all the time talked a lot of shit when Sam cancelled their last scheduled fight.
It is fight hype but this is not the first time I have read comments like this from Jay and his "partner"
Besides did anyone other than Jay's camp think this would go any other way.

Awesome, good job Sam!

The recap of the fight sounds like Jay was winning and gassed


"The recap of the fight sounds like Jay was winning and gassed"

better be prepared to maintain 5 hards round in a TKO 5 round title fight with Stout. If Stout surivives whats comes his way early, it almost becomes irrelevant after that. Most of Sam's opponents have been able to give Sam some early trouble, most have not been able to outlast or make the most of their highs in the fight unlike Sam usually does. Generally I would say,if you have Sam in trouble or even the upperhand, and dont take advanatage of it, more than likely it will come back to haunt you at some point in the fight.

RussT lives with his parents. Go put your name on the orange juice and STFU.

that is too sweet.. great work sam

Was rooting for Jay, but sounds like Sam did a good job. Congrats to Sam. jay will be back. Jay trains very hard with some of the best guys in the midwest, maybe he needs to work on his endurance a little bit more. He seems to gas faster than he should. He is a workhorse though and best of luck to him in the future.

i train with jay and like i said earlier, jay totally had a chance but his best bet was to beat him in the early rounds.