Sam Zakula receives his BJJ black belt!

My coach Sam Zakula received his BJJ black belt from Marc Laimon last night! Congrats to a coach who cares about all his students.

Congrats Sam!


Congrats Sam!

Fuckin' right! Congrats, Sam! So very well deserved.

You looked great on the teevee last night. :)

Congrats! Well deserved.

Congrats Phone Post


congrats Sam

Thanks for the kind words.

Congrats Sam.

long time coming. Enjoy the belt and the knowledge that this is just the start of things to come if you keep working at what you love.


Congratulations Sam

Congrats man! So deserved!

Crazy, when I first met Sam his team killed mine in b-ball, and th second time I met him he was a blue belt.

Well deserved Sam big congrats man



Congrats !