Samantha LaRusso is WAY Hotter Than Tory: Cobra Kai

Okay, so 23 years younger. Still a respectable age difference.

Danny is supposed to be about 52

Look at the Cobra Kai trivia nerd getting his panties all twisted up about 2 blonds who had similar screentime on this B-level tv show. Who gives a f*ck, faggot.

Johnny and Robbie’s mom back in the day:


Haha you dumb fuck. Getting defensive instead of just owning your stupidity. You have the emotions of a teenage girl.

Yeah, she’s hot though and her character is 100 times more likable than his too

There’s that fiery Latino temper coming out. I guess you really aren’t a gringo.

60-43 = 23

Is this the new woke mathematics i keep hearing about?

I wood have sex with both of their sexes.

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Some diva on another thread threw a tantrum because I called him holmes.

Damned if I do……

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Danny might like you sexing him

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Who you callin holmes? Ese!

This is why I love the OG


This is a great thread.

The women herein are woo-worthy.


Haha is that from the show?


No it’s from Hot Tub Time Machine.