Sambo in Olympics

Ah a sambo thread,

Havent had one in a while. Mr Sonnon, when do you think Sambo will make it into the olympics. Its been trying for a long time. I hope it comes soon.

There's alot of talk about bjj and mma making it into the olympics but I think this is very very unlikely. Many mma events are all about cages and no rules etc. Bjj is bredding thugs in brazil and most of the top bjj'ers are related to mma, so I dont see it ever happening. I like bjj but many instrucors, dont discipline there students advocating street fights etc. Have you heard of these jiu jitsu gangs in Brazil.

Sambo however im sure will be in the olympics soon. Its diffrent enough from judo to gain attention. What do you think?


Very well put. What are the chances of there ever
being sambo/judo comps being held in the same building,
and sharing many of the same competitors? Who am i kidding, Our judo orgs are just too regimented and self-serving.

I wish this wasnt true. Its such a great sport. I was of the belief that the next time russia gets the olympic games they will put sambo in.

Mr Sonnon, Im not sure if you want to get into this but what are the russians doing to hold back sambo from the olympics. What can a non russian do to get it into the games. I understand that since the break up of communism in russia most sambo organisations etc were split up, or shut down etc. Couldnt an Olympics sambo commitee by created with no biasty to any one sambo/sombo association. I know this is much easier said than done. What would it require a pettion signed by many thousand?

am I being nieve?

It was, and still is my plan, to hold such events int
he near furture.

However, one only has to read the kind and
insightful comments directed towards me on a
regular basis to see the main reason I am slow to
move it forward.

This is an interesting criteria (that will probably keep MMA out for a long time):

"only sports widely practised by men in at least seventy-five countries and on four continents, and by women in at least forty countries and on three continents, may be included in the programme of the Games of the Olympiad;"


Thankyou Scott for you replies.

Greggie ,

Not trying to spark an argument. But I dont think bjj will ever make it into the olympics.

Brazil has a big problem with ''jiu jitsu'' gangs in brazil. Most well known bjj schools are affiliated with vale tudo which the generall public are trying to ban.

People like Ryan Gracie are causing problems for bjj, with the insults he gives to the public, him being jailed for attempted murder etc.

Many bjj schools promote themselves, in a vale tudo manner. All the big instuctors love talking about their latest street fights etc.

The sport bjj comps could be olympic friendly, but all the insulting logo's on their gi's etc im sure wouldnt be compatible with the games.

If the generall persona of bjj changed, im sure it could make it into the olympics. But I have a feeling it would take a long time for things to change.

I agree with you GracieTeam. Yeah ive heard this before about people betting that sambo would make it into the olympic games in 1980.

He (my dad) has told me that the "steam" for Sambo was let out of the US balloon after the US boycotted the '80 Olympics for no good reason. In his opinion (he was a US Navy wrestler), the political forces in our country downplayed the "Soviet" form of folk wrestling and thereby cut activity and support for it.

In hindsight, what does everyone think about the Russians invading Afghanistan today?

Dear Mr Sonnon,

Has Russia's bid for sambo to be in the Olympics ever been considered. Which organisations have made the biggest attempts. Surely as a Russian art, it will have to be Russia who make the bid for it to be in the games? Do you get the feeling that the main sambo/sombo organisations are not really interested in getting sambo into the olympics anymore? If they are still interested, are they still bidding.

I understand politics are a barrier, why cant say the fias for instance just make a bid?

I can understand that if sambo did get into the games, there could be biasty for X sambo orgasnisation only picking their own sambo players to compete as they are the selectors etc etc. This happened with judo i.e. bjc members converting to bja (british judo association) so they go attempt to get into the olympic squad. The bja people where always picked first before the people who converted. Is this one of the main problems which is holding sambo back from the olympic games.



BJJ will not make it into Olympic competition. Period, the end. It is simply ground intensive JUDO with a few rule changes to emphasize ground level grappling.

Sambo is a different matter entirely. My father was a wrestler in the 70's, and he practiced on national level freestyle, Greco, and SAMBO teams. He was convinced that it was going to be in the 1980 Olympics. But, alas, it was not and is not to this day.

Sambo is different enough from the three Olympic grappling sports to warrant an "investigation" into including it.