Sambo in the bay area, Ca

is there such a thing? if so, let me know where it is ?

I don't know of any schools in SF but a longtime friend and student of mine runs a Sunday work group with some other guys.  They work various RMA, not just combat sambo.  He is also a BJJ student - due to lack of sambo in area when he moved there a few years ago. He still comes back to NYC several times a year and trains with us.  He won the heavyweight division at the Gracie United Tournament this year. Drop him a line, his name is Serge Gerlach:



The only school in Northern California that I am aware of is mine, and we are not officially open yet.  We are in Modesto.


THANK YOU steve, iam going to get in contact with him and thank you lance, your to far for me to train there on a regular basis but my dad lives in turlock which is about 15 min from you,so i will drop in sometime

My pleasure! Let me know how it turns out. Definitely drop in on lance's class as well!!  Serge and Lance know each other..go take his class together :o)

Also, you might want to get in contact with Steve Siroy, the wrestling coach from Chabot College in Hayward.  He was one of the best that the U.S. has produced in Sombo.  He isn't involved in Sombo anymore, but you never know when that might change!

id be interested in a sambo workout as well.. i wouldnt be able to make it consistantly with my schedule, but if it was set-up ahead of time i could make it.. modesto isnt too far, i could make it once or twice a month perhaps. not much, but its what i can do right now.

BTW.. never done sambo yet.. just looking to give it a try.

lance,how would i get in contact with steve siroy,hey joshua i was just wondering if you teach judo ?

do i teach judo..? not yet. right now im just showing up to practices at SJSU once or twice a week and helping the young guys out with whatever i can.

i will start coaching at the Wahadachi Judo Club once im back in milwaukee this coming summer. kinda nervous about that actually.

i heard BALCO has a great gym..... alot of strong guys work out there.

I am not certain.  You might be able to find something online.  I will do some checking.  It looks like I will be the assistant wrestling coach at Modesto JC, so I am sure the head coach has to have some contact info for him.  I will see what I can find out.

Joshua, I will post it when we officially open along with our practice times.  If you really want to train sport sombo, you might want to contact me in advance.  Some days we will be doing submission wrestling, and some days what we will be doing is closer to the "freestyle" rules that Steve has developed.

lance, i will do that. thanks.

lance ,i got the P.E. number thru the school website thanks again lance,joshua i thought you were from the bay are ? anyways thanks again

Fatherof3 What city do you live?

I spoke to Steve Siroy last week he is still Coaching and has a Judo Club At Chabot.

i am in the bay area, have been for years. we arent moving to milwaukee until next summer, but like anything you are looking forward to & excited about, i wish we were already there.

maugwa,,im in san mateo ,,,looks like im giving steve siroy a call

Fatherof3, do you train at Cahill's??

Have you spoken to Siroy?

I teach a combo of BJJ/SAMBO here in SF. My school has been open for
18 months. Unfortunately, we train NO GI, but incorporate all the locks
and submissions quite well without the GI. I have 8 years experience
along with 9 years of JUDO...

contact me at:

Hey ph17,

Drop me an e-mail with your school's info. I get requests for schools in SF all the time. Do you have a website?