Sambo Los Angeles?

Anyone know of any quality instructors/schools in the Los Angeles area.

I already know about Hyastan(sp. But I am looking to find a more traditional school that teaches pure sambo.

Thanks in advance.

I am not aware of any pure sombo schools in the LA area.

WTH is the difference between sambo and PURE sambo???

oh wait, i bet youwant sambo without any of that judo crap throw into it, huh?

He may mean Sambo that is taught along the same ways as it is taught in Russia, without the influence of other arts such as BJJ, Gene's techniques etc.

Yes marc that is exactly what I mean. I have visited gokors school and it looks like they mix sambo and judo very fluently they have a great style.  I was just wondering if their was any traditional sambo schools in the area that's all.

I'm sure there is. I think our judo days are a lot like sport sambo, just tell whoever your rolling with on the ground to add leg locks and subtract the chokes and boom you got traditional Sambo.

Hi everyone,

I am a sambo guy. I have trained in russia also.
Every school I went to sambo and judo were pretty 'one and the same'. They were taught at the same time. This is even true at Sambo70. 60% of the people training were wearing kurktas and 40% were wearing judogi.

When sparring you sort of agreed what competition rules you were going to practice under.

Name me one top sambo player who isnt also a top judo player. Yes there judo was 'russian judo' loads of over the belt grips etc which is very different from traditional judo. So in this instance im not sure what pure sambo is. Calling sambo un-pure due to it resembling judo in my view is ridiculous.

Having trained in Russia 9 times I totally agree with Matt. There are very few exclusive judo or sambo clubs, the vast majority are hybrids. My experiences are the same as Matt's.

Thanks guy's now that is the shit I need to know seriously.  Have any of you trained in gokors school how do they train.

A friend of mine has trained a bit at Gokor's and felt it to be a great place. Just name the stated above. There were several kurtki floating around according to him.

Thanks guy's keep it coming!

How much of the judo is taught without the gi.