Sambo Question

Is anyone familar with the Ultimate Sambo school in Brampton Ontario. The coach is Andrei Sosnovsky. I believe the school used to be called Elite Combat. Thats what the web site is still under. But l could be wrong about that.

Anyone have any comments or suggestions on Sambo instruction between Kitchener and Toronto?

Before I moved to London, I trained with Coach Andrei Sosnovskikh in Brampton.

Great teacher and friend.

Call them up, 905-790-0737 ask for Andre Chatelier or Andrei Sosnovskikh to set up your trial lessons.

Sosnovski's great, very down-to-earth, good teacher, good fighter, also a leglock spcialist which is not as usual in Sambo as you would think.

Thats what l am really looking for is a leg lock specialist. Thanks for the info.

Do they do a lot of choke holds as well?

I know they do chokes. My understanding has always been that it was close to BJJ but more of a concentration on the lower body. Im not interested in the combat sambo

ive been to elite a couple times... great bunch of ppl. Im goin to train at a different club though just due to the fact they offer wrestlign as well with the membership fee

I am only really locking to improve leg submissions. Where are you going that offers sambo and wrestling FP?

how much difference is there between Sambo & bjj?

Sambo is closer to Judo than it is to BJJ.

BJJ's ground techniques are wayyy more complicated than either.

thanks not lettuce