Sambo Shoes: Where to buy?

I believe they're called sambovki. I've read they're better for BJJ than wrestling shoes. Does anyone know a good online outlet to purchase them?

ALso, RMAX has something called an Ultimate Grappling Shoe, which mught be something like a sambovki. ANy experience with that?


try here:

I should have some in stock in about 2 weeks or so.

Thanks. I'll check out your site SamboSteve.

They are not up there yet. It is a new product for us.

Okay. I'll check back after Christmas. One question. Are sambo shoes worn with socks, or do wear them over your bare feet? I normally wear a size 12, wide in my shoes. What size should I look for?


Yes, I wear socks.

I have to compare sizes when I get them to make sure they are on track. I did get them American sized, but, sometimes they run small...

I wear socks with mine too.

I got a pair from Ottawa at Igor's place, and they fell apart a bit, but I train hard and have wide feet.

can one wear wrestling shoes in sambo?


I have the RMAX. It is all leather and it's awesome. I even wear them to judo pracitce sometimes when it's cold or I have a mat burn or sprained ankle.

edited: for the socks question. One of my coaches recomended me to wear it with wool socks(it's like an old Soviet thing) but yeah wear it with high top socks and fold the sock over covering the laces of the shoe.

Mike, check out the Agatsu site. They are the shoes we have. They are in stock. It is the site I use to sell them retail.