Sambo, Sombo, American Sombo, whats the difference. On a related note, whats a Sokeship council ?

Sokeship means you've invented, created, developed and/or founded your own martial art fighting/self-defense system.  The Sokeship Council approves weather you are accepted as an official founder and whether or not you can become a member of the soke's within that council. 

I'm not a Sambo expert, but the above listed are all basically the same thing.   

sambo, sombo, combat sambo/sombo, american sambo... whatever.. its all the same damn thing.

The World Sokeship Council states that George Nobles is the Soke of American Sambo, a 10th Dan blackbelt. He was actually my instructor for a while, but closed his school and I was wondering what he was doing now. He was certainly impressive and I was wondering how a 10th Dan in American Sambo would fair in contrast to a Russian Sambist.