Sambo ????

Is anyone familar with the Ultimate Sambo school in Brampton Ontario. The coach is Andrei Sosnovsky. I believe the school used to be called Elite Combat. Thats what the web site is still under. But l could be wrong about that.

Anyone have any comments or suggestions on Sambo instruction between Kitchener and Toronto?


The only Ultimate Sambo I know of is in New York. Vlad Koulikov is chief instructor - great place. I have never heard of the school you mention. For other schools in canada, check out

Can you post the website of the school you refer to?

I have not met him personally but some of my Canadian friends speak very highly of Andrei. I have his Leglock tape and he seems to know his stuff.

If Andrei is still the coach you should be there. Andre Sosnovskih is the man when it comes to Sambo and his Par Terre skills are unequaled. Cool cat as well.


Thanks for the info guys. Anymore would be great!