Sammy Franco?

What's his stuff like?

Worth getting some of his DVDs?

absolute nutjob.

I don't think he has ever been in a fight in his life.

I was not that impressed with his war machine book.

Franco was a small scrawny jewish kid who got picked on a lot. He grew up , lifted weights ,got some skull tats and bought a muscle car, but he never really got over being picked on.

In turn, he now makes money off other insecure guys by promising to turn them into "elite street warriors". It's comic book stuff and has little do to with practical self defense.

Ive looked at a couple of his videos , all of them are high in paranoia and hype. The actual techniques range from basic boxing (but with little details) to stuff that is just laughably bad and completely unrealistic.

He has to keep coming up with new videos , so they just keep getting more and more ridiculous as he attempts to make each one more "extreme" then the last.

As example, in one, he recommends using pepper spray if you're attacked. Sounds ok, except you don't spray the other guy, you spray your own fingers before you eye gouge the attacker.

Most of his stuff is pretty much at this level of pointless stupidity.

LOL thanks guys - will avoid him. (Although I now do have a sneaking desire to see this nonsense!)

Sounds a lot like Christopher Clugston and "Camarac Bas" LOL