sammy franco

I haven't heard of Mr. Franco before, but his program sounds an a lot like
Tony's. I live close enough to train with him (not sure about the price tag
though), can anyone give me some help?

A few comments on choosing a school:

As a protocol, I will not recommend an instructor or method unless I do know the instructor or students of the method.

As I'm not familiar with the specifics or curricula at Sammy's school, nor do I know any of his students, professionally it would be irresponsible to critique his method.

As far as similarities...that would depend on definitions and standards. As example, Sammy posted a very negative review of my SPEAR SYSTEM...since the SPEAR SYSTEM is the axis of my close quarter program it would seem that our systems are not at a similar...


Professionally speaking,you need to decide what you really want from the training, that'll help determine where you go.

Anyone can be good at what they teach, the CONSUMER must decide if that is ALSO what they want to be good at.

So like any program [mine included] the value and merit of a class is proportional to both the ability of the instructor, balanced with what you are looking for....

In other words, research and define your goals, then go watch a few classes.