Sammy's at it again

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What a Joke!
May 6 2001 at 7:59 PM Sammy Franco (login SammyFranco)
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Despite my efforts to engage Tony Blauer in a constructive and healing dialogue, my efforts have failed due, I believe, to Mr. Blauer's fragile ego and seemingly manipulative personality.

From this point forward I ask that no one dignify Mr. Blauer or his system by mentioning him or his methods on my forum.

I have bigger and better things to do. Let's move on.

-Sammy Franco

*Footnote: This all started with my letter to the editor that appeared in the April 2001 issue of Black Belt Magazine (p.138) It seems to have driven Tony Blauer crazy!

His post is incredibly immature to say the least. If he supposedly had bigger and better things to do, how did he find the time to post such a message? Plus that little personal jibe at the end was completely unnecessary.

I considered Sammy's material somewhat intriguing at one time (in an earlier post I mentioned I had one of his books). I will avoid purchasing any of his products in the future and will encourage my martial arts friends to do the same.

Let the message speak for it self! Lets not start the keyboard warrior bulls#it again! Keep this forum for what it was ment for. Good honest Info to keep your arse out of a sling! Peace, Tom p.s. This was not ment for naso or prime but future post.