Samoan steals chicken wing from Samoan

and gets dealt with

If you’re eating at a Chinese buffet (or really any buffet), you’ve already lost.

If youre a Samoan dad working a 9-5 and its time to feed the clan after Church on Sunday where do you propose to feed them? with economics in mind of course.

He told the guy If he heard another word come out of his cunt mouth he was going to eat every fucking chicken wing in the place!


Samoans have put all you can eat places out of business

When I was young I saw a Samoan dude pick a frat boy up over his head and throw him over a backyard wall and into the next yard. The Samoan was 13 years old lol.

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Yeah we had a lot of the chinese ones until it became part of the raisinf a Samoan family business model. I went to my bros dad’s funeral and after they had a feast at a all you can eat chinese place and my bros family even had to talk the chinese owners into it by saying max time allowed per person is 1 hour lol they used some colored plate system and the Samoans worked out a way around that QUICK

Fucking good people though man, no one will look after you like them, I miss my days playing footy over there. Clubbing in Apia is fun too, very laid back but we had some party drugs we bought off the chinese that got things going


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I think the one had a bone in his nose.

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Red Lobster

I was told a story once back in the 80s when I went to summer school that a dude knew of a Samoan who grabbed a dude’s head and snapped it right off with a twist. Probably just BS. But if there was a “human” that could do it, it would be a Samoan. I would never fight a Samoan chick. I would literally run the other way. They can take a punch. Many, many punches and never fall down.