Samsung pays MAC billion dollars in coins

Thought the line from Samsung CEO "geeks with style" was funny Phone Post 3.0

No, they didn't, it's one of the many fake things you've read online. Phone Post 3.0

from snopes:

To pay off a billion dollars in nickels would require 20 billion of those coins. That amount would require Samsung to obtain the equivalent of all the nickels struck by the U.S. Mint in the last several decades. (In 2011, for example, the U.S. Mint produced less than one billion nickels, and 2010 less than half a billion.) Samsung would have to round up virtually every nickel in circulation to acquire over $1 billion worth of those coins, a feat that could hardly be accomplished without having a significant impact on the U.S. monetary system.

A single nickel weights 5 grams (about .011 pounds), so a billion dollars' worth of nickels would weigh in at about 110,000 tons. That load would far exceed the carrying capacity of 30 or so trucks (requiring each truck to carry over 3,600 tons, or more than 7.2 million lbs. each). Even if the considerable weight of the trucks themselves weren't taken into account, the equivalent of about 2,755 eighteen-wheeler trucks, each hauling 40 tons' worth of nickels, would be needed to transport the weight of that many coins (and even that calculation still doesn't take into account the volume of physical space needed to assemble, transport, and store 20 billion nickels).


Oh true cheers for the VD. Ill retreat back to my dark cave now Phone Post 3.0

NatualBornTickler - Oh true cheers for the VD. Ill retreat back to my dark cave now Phone Post 3.0

lol it would certainly be awesome if true, I'll give you that!

Hate to be that guy but this is the 3rd time someone made a thread about this and 3rd time they were shut down.

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Not only is this fake but isn't it old news as well?

I feel like I heard about this much earlier in the year or perhaps near the end of last year.

Don't trust the news from your Facebook timeline. Or in general. Phone Post 3.0

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