San Antonio, TX

Basic info will be appreciated.

Best area to stay ?

Areas to avoid ?

Any must sees ?

And don't forget the basement tour! Phone Post

Festus, thanks for increasing my trivia knowledge.

I was completely out of the loop on this one.

I was shocked that the alamo was downtown SA right in the city. For some reason I had always pictured it in tge middle of nowhere in an empty field.

Oh yeah, and bigger. I realize the grounds were but the actual alamo site of the tour I thought would be bigger. Phone Post

Unless you like Mexicans and obnoxious tejano music, then there is literally nothing to do in san antonio.

Festus -
And don't forget the basement tour! Phone Post

also, tell em large marge sent ya Phone Post 3.0

Best area to avoid: the entire city Phone Post 3.0

Grew up on the North East side. I moved away 10 years ago but go back annually.

Hands down, San Antonio has the best Mexican food. I hit up Las Carretas 2 multiple times when I go back. In the summer, hit up the rivers and lakes. The Guadalupe is awesome for tubing, Canyon Lake is pretty chill, and both are an hour north. Phone Post 3.0

Stay downtown on the river walk. Then walk around the river walk. I had fun doing both of those things. Phone Post 3.0

Alamo heights, terrell hills, castle hills or any area in the north side is good. Stay away from the westside (mexicans), eastside (blacks), southside (mixed, mexicans and whites). S.A. does kinda suck unless you love mexican food, it'd be desirable to live in new Braunfels /austin and commute back and forth.

If you need any advice, holla as I've been living here 40 years and finally leaving to columbus ga due to my job. Phone Post

Traffic is fucking horrible. I forgot to add that. Phone Post 3.0

Come to San marcos Phone Post

Whatever you do...don't eat on the Riverwalk. Horrible food. If you want Mexican food downtown, go to Mi Tierra, La Margarita, or Pico De Gallo. Phone Post 3.0

Stay downtown if possible. Thats where most of the touristy things to do are. Check out Southtown arts district. The Friendly Spot is nice outdoor place to grab a beer.

Pearl Brewery has nice shops and restaurants. La Gloria has a nice patio to sit and have margaritas.

Avoid going east of I-37 or west of I-10. Those are some rough neighborhoods. If you stay within the central part of're good. Phone Post 3.0

Thanks for the feedback/information.

I will be working so may not get time for any tourist type activities, although the Big Adventure references encourage a bit of looking around.

go to shilohs and get the homemade root beer they make there. Its ridic

Good places to eat downtown are la Gloria (as said above), la margaritas, mi terras, acenar. As far as Mexican food. Riverwalk is good for tourists. Restaurants, shops, and bars. Phone Post

Thanks for the information.

Do I need to start a in San Antonio AMA thread ?

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Festus -
And don't forget the basement tour! Phone Post

also, tell em large marge sent ya Phone Post 3.0

You gotta!

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In Mi Tierra now