San Da DVD pre order special!

San Da Training Systems Presents

"San Da Punching and Clinching"

The first official instructional DVD

Pre order special, order it for only $29.95, includesFREE SHIPPING

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"CSH Martial Arts"

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You take paypal?

Is that free shipping only in the USA(I'm in Canada)?

When will it be shipped(approx.)?

How long is the dvd?

I wish I could read the back of the cover.

I can't take paypal, but my distributer can! check out

Mark will be putting up the title for pre-order also...

We are setting to ship first week of January. Editting now, menu with easy navagation to both sections and specific techniques...

short intro to history, with rare military training footage...

sorry, shipping is free to US only...

lkfmdc- can you email me at have some questions for you sir. Thank you.

FEarless Goat

we did in excess of 6 hours of footage, so I'm not sure how the finished project will come out honestly

I know we covered a lot, including

1. boxing drills

2. "violin shoulder" when clinching

3. proper neck clinch vs jab

4. "super man" defense

5. five knees from clinch

6. front body lock vs neck clinch

7. knee sweeping variation

8. can opener vs body lock

9. can opener and pummel inside

10. whizzer, knee block, pancake, etc series

11. head inside vs jab

12. head inside clinch details, chair throw, etc

13. leg block to rear

14. hip throw to front

15. human disassembly throw

16. head lock defense

17. elbow shiled to body clinch

18. striking from 50/50 clinch

19. tomahawk

20. cracking

21. head and arm throw

22. outer reaping

23. Russian single leg

I wont have them in the gym right now, not until they are edited, but of course once they are ready they will be in the gym, as I've said to you many times before, feel free to drop by any time!

just call me David :)

Anyway, best time is afternoon/early evenning before classes get started, once they get started, things are too crazy


thanks for the ttt....

well, we finalized a shooting script for second project today, probably won't begin shooting until first week of January, but we'e moving forward with several projects at once, and moving well!

that is "terrible" Tim O'Connor, he is 4-1 with 4 KO's (only loss split decision against one of Cung's guys) and the hottest up and coming star of the fight world. Tim will be doing MMA in Ohio in March and is on the fast track to pro...



Take care John, see you Monday