San Diego Fight Night 8/13

God damn you’re old.

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Still Dynomite


Did Total Combat have events at the Baby Rock night club in Mexico?



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Sure did

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Dean Lister and San Diego fighters went into Mx

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Tons did in TJ and the like in MX.


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Baby Rock = Good Times.

But I never went for a MMA event :frowning:


B Vera
Rich Doolin Dalton used to UG

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I guess it depends what angle you’re sitting at, but I used to go to San Diego Sports Arena often and I’ve never had a bad seat, I’ve been on top row at a hockey game and it was great.

It’s an arena but its like half the size of T Mobile Arena, Staples Center, or Honda Center… so basically the nose bleeds in San Diego are like decent seats at one of those large arenas.

I went to the Diaz Daley fight, Rousey/Kaufman fight, and UFC on Versus event in San Diego, I thought it was well set up for MMA and not a bad seat, IMO.

To be honest the worst view I had was being on the floor, I snuck down for the Diaz fight and i kind of regretted it!

yup , was there too

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Oh man Gulls games are a blast, all good seats for those.

Youre definitely right when it comes to the mma event comparison, Ive just been super spoiled by regional orgs where cheap seats are like 50 feet away/having connections. Before WME bought them out I used to get hooked up by Shelby/Britt with Zuffa seating. Was cageside for Diaz/Daley, Masvidal/Melendez, Jones/vladdy and whatever else Strikeforce (after the buyout) and UFC events were in San Diego. Also went to some events in LA/Vegas. I went to a WEC event there years before that and we were on the far end of the walkway seating and the view was ok but spent a lot of time watching the monitors. So much fun regardless

The sports arena sucks for acoustics but Ive seen some great concerts there, got floor tickets for Nirvana as a Christmas present when I was 13. Still have the concert shirt in my closet somewhere

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Awesome, 3 WMMA fights in a row

Can’t wait

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And 2 Wmma fights on the main card

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1000 dolla floor seats too

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Whos Old ?

  1. Ages ago

Welcome My Son , To The Machine


This Shit is 98% Sold Out , For Fucks sake