San Diego jiu-jitsu?

roboto, didn't I roll with you at the BJJ summer camp? I remember reversing you from the mount numerous times.

did i reverse your double cheesebuger at arby's in NY?

Roy is the man. Hands down. If I had the money, I would commute there from here (Connecticut) just to see him more often.


Which of these schools is the cheapest lately? I used to train at fabio's, then went back to boxing for a while, and now Im on a budget but want to get back into BJJ. Anyone know who has the best deals?

Roy Harris has modest prices. ( at least for my budget)check out : go to the academy link, should have a fees and schedules section.

SD is the Mecca of american BJJ/MMA.

Cityboxing is the best facillity I've ever seen.

Roy Harris is a phenomenal teacher and great guy.

Vitor's place in PB, plus a bunch of other places I can't think of, too. And the Lion's Den down many places..i miss it....but not the traffic and so cal hell.


941 Broadway Suite N
El Cajon, Ca. 92021
619-447-1100 / 619-206-36859

Lots of good grapplers down here in Imperial Beach..
Vernon White, Ken Shamrock, Erik Paulson...
All training at Boxing Zone.


vitor who in pb? what the adress. Also does Erik Paulson train in imperial beach i thought he had a school in riverside.

Vitor's old place -Left Cross has been Rodrigo Medeiros place for the last 4 years.