San Diego library invites men who like sex with men who look like boys to read to children

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It’s all strange. I’m glad I don’t have kids

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The new mayor is gay and he’s all about everything this obviously. Disgusting.

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There not going to stop until the people end up killing or lynching one of these criminals. People have limits.


I just don’t understand why the gay community thinks that the rest of the world needs to obsess on their little abnormal niche in life and make it the focus for the rest of the world who are concerned about a million other factors of life.

Is it pure hubris arrogance and “pride”?

Pride does cometh before the fall…always.

I think they are in the middle of overplaying their hand (like the rest of the radical left) and they will soon be sent packing back to the closet.

“Oh you’re gay? Am I supposed to give a flying fuck? Get over yourself, go fuck yourself, and get out of my face, asshole.”



If the most interesting thing about you (or the crux of your identity) is who or what you fuck… you are a failure. Who the fuck cares if you like fucking dudes that look like boys, why the fuck are you talking to kids about it.

Fuck the pedo left, yall need to stop trying to fuck kids!


And ya’ll know:

  1. Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio, and TV.

  2. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy.”


lol they arent talking to the kids about it, they are just reading them stories - but even so its one of the dumbest fucking layups the gay community has ever handed to its critics, its like they are going out of their way to alienate people while claiming to want to encourage acceptance.

Just like the San Francisco Gay Men’s Choir LITERALLY singing ‘we’re coming for your children’…then it turned out one of them is a convicted pedophile and the group had previously performed a stage play celebrating child sex slaves in Afghanistan.

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i would love to know if anybody suggested during the making of that song that it just might not have the effect they were hoping for… lol another epic backfire.

“i got a great idea for a song guys, we’re going to make it sound like we are going to turn kids gay and fuck them but then we reveal that we just want to make them tolerant! super idea amiright?!”

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Wtf were they thinking.

How were they expecting this one to turn out

That article is great. A literal drag Queen is quoted as saying this is insane.
We’re all soooooo fucked.

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I remember driving through downtown long beach before covid. There was this fat homo drag queen wearing an obscene amount of makeup and tight dress waiting on tables and "entertaining " the guests. The people I had in the car with me told me that restaurant promotes LGBTQ.
It was one of those rare moments in life I felt I’ll yet yearned for a flamethrower like in scent of a woman.

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All real men should piss on these fags.


Spoken like someone who does not fully understand how utterly degenerate the average homo is. They are not just like you and me with a different sexual preference. The vast majority suffer from all sorts of mental illnesses, diseases and drug abuse.

They might be only 2% of the population, but they account for over 40% of the pedophiles.

Lastly, many of the sicker ones get off on converting and grooming straight men and young teen boys. Stop pretending this shit is not happening just to appear tolerant.


OG left, these are your people, you own this.


lOvE iS lOvE

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Not the first mayor of a major city to put their mental illness on display or other politicians for engaging in and encouraging it.

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The thing is tolerance was a lie. Most of all us i it. But enjoy (pun intended).

Lol these lads remind me of Sideshow Bob and his brother having a conversation