San Diego rioting over this police encounter

Cop was fired and charged.

I didn’t watch that whole thing, but what is the timestamp of him assaulting the officer? The parts I saw, he was annoying, but did nothing even close to assault.

Funny how people rioted over this minor shit, but not the handcuffed dude who was shot in the back and killed as he was running away from a park ranger truck downtown. And both of these happened around the same time.

Oh yeah, the handcuffed dude who was shot in the back was white. Nothing to see here. But of course the arrest of the black dude made national headlines, while the dude murdered did not, even though it was caught on camera…

Link? Not sure I saw that one which is rare for me.

He was white i believe so…

I see David already mentioned that. Whatevs

Sorry, he slipped his handcuffs. But here is a local story

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Woah that is terrible.

he is being charged and was fired. Not sure were you read the cop didn’t get in trouble but you should fact check your fake outrage.

That’s not remotely what he said.

“The story has since disappeared and is not mentioned at all by the local media.”

Disappeared from the news, no riots.

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Maybe try to actually read my post and fact check yourself…