San Shou better for mma then MT

If you only have BJJ and no wrestling or judo background is San shou the best standup choice? When mma gets big in china will we see this?

in theory, I'm with you,

but the thing is, "when MMA gets big" don't you think that a lot of Muay Thai and boxing (and San Shou/Da) coaches will be working out of MMA gyms anyway?...thus negating the advantage?

For example, if you go and train Muay Thai at Chute Boxe, they'll probably tell you how to watch/counter/do doubles, throws, etc.

A person only has so much time and you are learning striking and takedowns in one style.

I theory I would agree with you whole hearidly. But for some reason I still see muy thai trained fighters hit harder than San Shou fighters.

Muay Thai is still better for stand up. The flashy San Shou kicks would do terrible in MMA.

Sure they teach you clinch takedowns in San Shou, but if you don't know wrestling or BJJ, what would be the point of taking them down then? You'll learn better clinch striking with Muay Thai.

Yeah Cung Lee sucked when he beat Shonie.

Any BJJ blue belt could beat up Cung Le - FACT

It seems like you might learn some bad habits with San Shou takedown.

For instance, if you look at most of Cung Le's takedowns, has no control on the opponent once they hit the mat...


San shou does have some bad habits for MMA, mainly because I believe their scoring system awards the most points if your opponent hits the ground and you remain standing (that means you have no control over them, though). The funny thing is, the guys who do best in san shou are former wrestlers who have learned how to kick and punch.

My take: if you are going to learn striking, concentrate on it full time, if you dilute it with throwing techniques, it will take longer to learn it properly. If you are going to learn wrestling, why do it with a half-assed version of the real thing? Learn actual wrestling, and you can pick and choose for yourself what not to use.

Sanda is the way!

"The funny thing is, the guys who do best in san shou are former wrestlers who have learned how to kick and punch. "

You should check out San Da in East Bloc countries. Often the guys who do San Da there do Muy Thai as well, btw.