San Shou Instructor needed In ATL

San Shou instructor needed for mma gym in Alpharetta,Ga Contact Kevin at


It will be very hard getting a true sanshou guy, let alone one of instructor level in ATL.

As you may already know, there are only a few schools Boston, NY, San Jose, Oakland, Baltimore/DC, Houston & Ohio (Bellefontaine?) that have been fighting san shou since the mid 90's and have a full time program/team.

If you do find someone, please inquire about him here. If he's instructor level, David Ross and I are bound to know him.

-Bill Easlick

while he isn't an instructor, you could probably get Pat Barry out of New Orleans to help out, he's done it at highest level (worlds).... he has buddies here on this forum

where is there an MMA gym in Alpharetta? Thanks